When I am Old I will Wear Pink

Write to Publish Assignment #2 (originally published August 1, 2019)


The two women walked slowly, absorbed in each other. They wore jeans and boots, and both had silver hair. The one on the left had longer hair held back by a barrette that rested in the upper center of her back. She gesticulated frequently. The other wore a long, pink scarf and mostly nodded or shook her head in response. They walked through the tree line north, then shifted northwest, walking at angle to the rows of harvested cornstalks in the empty, rutted fields. … “I hated you,” the long-haired woman said to the woman with the pink scarf. … I vowed to fight you whenever I could.” “There were many ways to die where I come from,” the woman with the long hair mused, and I’ve lost someone to every one of them.” She was quiet a moment. The woman with the scarf looked at her

For more, see the new book, When I am Old I Shall Wear Pink, coming SOON!

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