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Dear Readers, I’m moving to another website April 1, 2020. I’m very exicited about this move! The new website will have more room for photographs and photojournals, and of course for poetry and prose both finished and in process.

The new website is here:

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New !!! Just Published !!!

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After all the work of the last two months, When I am Old I Shall Wear Pink, is at last available! A collection of poems and short stories, this book is in remembrance of my mom, and the story of my journey in grief and memory after she died.

My mom was deeply connected with nature, and loved flora and fauna alike. She found deep joy in the out of doors, something she gifted to all her children. In these writings, I return to my memories of her, especially when I was young and she first taught to see nature as kindred. I explore those spaces now, finding new understanding in my relationship with her and with earth.

1st Book of Poetry Free to You

a clutch of eggs is FREE in ebook form at Blurb:

Dear Readers,

In this class with Write 2 Practice (which I highly recommend!) I despaired that I would ever get to the end, ever get the hang of this self-publishing, or ever be able to complete all the work! But here we are, at week 7 and although late, I am nearly there. It’s been a struggle, but one with sister and brother writers sharing the path and mentors who generously helped us all. I could not have done this without your kindness, generosity, and constructive criticism. Thank you so very, deeply much!!

In return, I’ve made a clutch of eggs, my first book of poetry, free to you all. I self published a clutch of eggs in 2016, but the poems themselves span the time from 1990 to about 2011. It is my first all-out publication and I intended it would mark my transition from corporate communicator to story-teller, something I’ve dreamed of doing for a very long time. In gathering the courage to do so, I looked to such writers/singers as Lainey Schooltree (see ), Peter Hammill (see ), and Dar Williams (see )–to name a few.

Publishing a clutch of eggs was a wonderful but daunting experience. I worked with the a friend, Jen, who designed the visual layout while I worked with the text. It was all very experimental and fun. We ultimately decided to feature my conures (small parrots–for photos, see Gadget’s page), because it was Gizmo who inspired me to push my writing out into the world. We created the color palette from the birds’ feathers. The birds didn’t appreciate held up to various color swatches, at ALL, which turned out to be a very exciting experience for everyone involved. You see, it’s not possible to color-match based on a single feather, for its color is diffused. One needs to see the feathers as they lie on the bird in many layers! Who knew?? But we did it!

The birds have been very present for the making of my new book also. At first, I panicked that the experience of the new book, When I am Old, I Shall Wear Pink, was so different. And then I realized it should be different, because it is. Here is to different experiences moving forward: story by story, song by song, composition by composition.

I look forward to sharing these experiences with you, and to hearing of yours.

Warmth, Peace, Strength


At work, I think of a thousand things that should be a part of my conversation with others. So many things come to me in music or on the news, or in everyday encounters, conversations, observations … What to do with them all??

What do you do? Let me know. Perhaps we could exchange thoughts. 🙂

And now, this:


I am working on a book of poetry & short stories and I will be posting it soon. It’s called “The Color of Bull Thistles” and is a remembrance of my mom, who passed this December.

My mom taught me to love and care for nature, to observe all the things in it, and to cherish flora and fauna alike. I remember her waking me and my other siblings at ungodly hours of the morning to see the dew on the spider webs. She found such joy in the out of doors!

My intent in this work is to return to her in those moments of her teaching, to explore and observe then as an adult while coming to a deeper understanding of our relationship as mother and daughter, and how this kindredness with nature, that she gifted to me, molded her and me.

I look forward to sharing it with you.

S.E. Laughter’s upcoming short story

I’ve just read “Location! Location! Location!” an introduction to S.E. Laughter’s upcoming short story featuring Sophie Wylde. The landscape is beautifully rendered and beguiling: a river on the edge of town in the mountains, its path ancient and dangerous, holding as much mystery as the town holds secrets. The town is in transition, as its younger generation chooses to live elsewhere. Yet it continues to attracts outside visitors for its lovely setting in the mountains and opportunities for activities in nature. S.E. Laughter’s writing pulls me into the natural beauty of her world, tempting me with the expectation of intrigue and danger! Look here for more: