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After all the work of the last two months, When I am Old I Shall Wear Pink, is at last available! A collection of poems and short stories, this book is in remembrance of my mom, and the story of my journey in grief and memory after she died.

My mom was deeply connected with nature, and loved flora and fauna alike. She found deep joy in the out of doors, something she gifted to all her children. In these writings, I return to my memories of her, especially when I was young and she first taught to see nature as kindred. I explore those spaces now, finding new understanding in my relationship with her and with earth.


I am working on a book of poetry & short stories and I will be posting it soon. It’s called “The Color of Bull Thistles” and is a remembrance of my mom, who passed this December.

My mom taught me to love and care for nature, to observe all the things in it, and to cherish flora and fauna alike. I remember her waking me and my other siblings at ungodly hours of the morning to see the dew on the spider webs. She found such joy in the out of doors!

My intent in this work is to return to her in those moments of her teaching, to explore and observe then as an adult while coming to a deeper understanding of our relationship as mother and daughter, and how this kindredness with nature, that she gifted to me, molded her and me.

I look forward to sharing it with you.