S.E. Laughter’s upcoming short story

I’ve just read “Location! Location! Location!” an introduction to S.E. Laughter’s upcoming short story featuring Sophie Wylde. The landscape is beautifully rendered and beguiling: a river on the edge of town in the mountains, its path ancient and dangerous, holding as much mystery as the town holds secrets. The town is in transition, as its younger generation chooses to live elsewhere. Yet it continues to attracts outside visitors for its lovely setting in the mountains and opportunities for activities in nature. S.E. Laughter’s writing pulls me into the natural beauty of her world, tempting me with the expectation of intrigue and danger! Look here for more: www.selaughter.com

of Music

We are in the midst of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock: “3 days of peace and music” in which 31 bands played before approximately 400,000 people over the course of four days. See http://www.woodstockstory.com/bandsperformerssetsplaylists1969.html (accessed 8/17/2019); see also 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (1994, Warner Bros. Pictures). This music has served as a backdrop to my writing this week, as I’ve been listening to it, and to interviews about Woodstock on WXPN-FM (88.5, University of Philadelphia). The music, and the texts of the writers who so kindly agreed to be interviewed this week, have prompted me to think about the impact that stories have on us, whatever their form. (Thank yous and a big shout-out to Melanie Lambert, author of Wonder Woman in Disguise, found here: https://www.wonderwomanindisguise.com/ and Danielle Blackwood, author of Twelve Faces of the Goddess, found here: http://www.danielleblackwood.com/).

Regrettably, I was too young to go to Woodstock …

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