When I am Old, I Shall Wear Pink

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Book Description

When I am Old I Shall Wear Pink is a collection of poems and short stories in remembrance of my mom. It is also the story of my journey in grief and memory after she died.

My mom was deeply connected with nature, and loved flora and fauna alike. She found deep joy in the out of doors, something she gifted to all her children. In these writings, I return to my memories of her, especially when I was young and she first taught to see nature as kindred. I explore those spaces now, finding new understanding in my relationship with her and with earth.


“Emerging author Lila J. Bakke weaves together memory, magic, and the textured mysticism of nature into her warp and weft. Her words are as transcendent as they are human. The wondrous way she sees the world is both deeply touching and comforting”. –Danielle Blackwood is the author of The Twelve Faces of the Goddess (https://danielleblackwood.comContinue reading Danielle Blackwood

Danielle Blackwood

” This book of poems and short stories is amazing.  Masterful with words, Bakke has a way of expressing thoughts on a page like no one else can.  It’s a must read.” — A.k. Finch is the author of the newly published short story, “The Party,” and of the book Fading Blue-Book of Haiku. Find … Continue reading A.k. Finch

A.k. Finch

“Your stories and poetry are lovely and heartwarming. I particularly loved Alfalfa Flowers since it reminded me of childhood on the farm with my brothers and sister. Mercy of the Trees is compelling, dark, mysterious and chilling. Completely different from the melancholy and frustration in When I grow Old I Shall Wear Pink. I was captivated … Continue reading Heather Ann Shannon

Heather Ann Shannon